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 Chimney Sweeps in Inverness

Flue vac is a member of the Guild of Master  Chimney Sweeps reg number 1272    I have been sweeping all kinds of chimneys since 1991 open fires of all shapes and sizes,multi fuel stoves,oil and gas flues,

Your fireplace could be a hazard and the problems are hidden from view so always make sure you use a sweep who's registered with a trade organisation, if someone dose not have adequate training they could fail to inform customers of dangerous situations, give wrong advice, damage chimneys using the wrong equipment or fail to clean them properly. A chimney is essentially a household exhaust pipe funnelling away soot,smoke,Sparks and dangerous co2 gasses, sweeping should be an essential part of home maintenance a clean chimney is a safe chimney.

These are the recommended minimum intervals between sweeping, usage and quality of fuel will also influence the intervals between sweeping if unsure please ask me when I sweep your chimney and I will be happy to advise.

Wood quarterly when in use

Coal at least twice a year

Smokeless fuel at least once a year

Oil and gas flues at least once a year

How Often Should Chimneys be Swept

Chimneys can be lovely things (they allow you to safely have the comfort of a fire within your house) but they are not without their own problems. I thought you might find it useful to know what problems you can run into with a chimney and how you solve them.

Chimney Problems and their Cures

Chimney Problems and their Cures