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Professional Chimney Sweeping

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How can I identify the problem?


Probable reason


Smoke enters room when door is shut

Lack of ventilation

Open door or window. Long term, have air brick or vent fitted

Fire puffs depending on wind direction

Down draught problem

Various. Call for advice

Fire smokes continuously depending on wind direction

Down draught problem due to pressure zone

Various. Call for advice

Chimney has been swept and has now started smoking

Dislodged mortar/brick/mid-feathers brick

May require re-lining. CC TV inspection should solve the mystery and show what remedial work is required

Fireplace smokes even on windy days

Flue size incorrect, blockage

Various. Contact for advice

Strong smell of smoke in bedrooms when fire it used on ground floor

Cracks in mortar of chimney

Re-point or re-line dependant on location of problem

Birds nest in chimney

Lack of suitable nest sites

Fit bird guard

Wood burner smokes during cold weather

Cold air trapped in flue

Use more paper and kindling when starting the fire to heat flue quickly to increase draw

Furniture and walls covered in soot

Bird dropped down chimney

Find the bird and set free please

I have provided a list of potential problems, their probable cause, and how to resolve the issue below: